Hi! Welcome to a cozy boat. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for months, but not having the “perfect name” was causing epic procrastination. Too bad I didn’t come along this quote earlier. I owe lots of credit to my dear friend Allison, who helped me brainstorm until finally it dawned on me, and Allison said, “I’m pretty sure that’s it.” And so it was. The blog is looking a little bare bones at the moment, but as I learn that will change.

I plan to share bits of my life (and more) with family and friends that are near and far, and hopefully meet a few new readers along the way!

Oh, and in case you were wondering…

“a cozy boat”

was a phrase my Dad made up when we were kids to describe…

happy togetherness

an adventure (big or tiny) we were on

a place of comfort

a moment of (needed) humor

the place one always wanted to be.

first day of school walk with my dad in London = a cozy boat

p.s. I must warn you now I will mention my love of Beyonce often on this blog. I have to assume this is more of a treat than a warning. So let me try that again. I must treat you to the knowledge that I will talk about Beyonce until…always!!

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