Dan and I found ourselves with a free Friday (surprise!) and decided to venture downtown to try a few food haunts we had heard a lot about. First stop was Umamicatessen. Here’s a little (non)secret: I live for Umami’s Hatch Burger. Like, I’m dating the Hatch Burger. And Dan…likes all of them. So I guess that means he has a lot of girlfriends. Umamicatessen is neat because it’s a big dining hall style with five different kitchens, inspired by (quick, guess) the American delicatessen. I’m dreaming over those mini knish’s and grain mustard below. Dreaming, I say!

We then jumped in the car and went to the Arts District for some ooey gooey goodness at The Pie Hole (best name ever/great website/watch the film). They write the menu daily on a big sheet of paper. My friend, Allison, always says she’ll serve pie instead of cake at her wedding because she loves it so much. I’ve always thought that was sweet! Would you serve something nontraditional at your wedding? Dan says he imagines tray passing awesome craft beer cans instead of champagne! I dig.

Guys, I try not to be the girl who takes pictures of food. I try. Or I take ’em real fast when Dan’s not looking. Don’t get mad. You love to hate it. So it’s a win-win!

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