My home will be changing next month. Dan and I are moving into our own place, and Allison is moving in with our friend Miguel. Allison and I will have lived in this apartment for exactly two years. I loved this apartment, and even though I’m really excited to start this next little chapter with Dan and build our home, I’m going to miss so much about this place. Like, I don’t think it will be as funny to text Allison from my bed when she’s not one wall over! That being said, I know Allison will be over at the new place (hello, we have to watch The Bachelorette together), and I’m sure there will be lots of sleepovers. Most importantly, we’ll still be there for each other the way we are now, I just may have to get dressed to have a big cry instead of standing in a robe in our hallway. Dan and I are looking at apartments in our current Fairfax Village neighborhood, as well as further east. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we find a place we really love! Here are some photos that remind me of the neighborhood and my current LA home.
Coffee Commissary
our alley
Canter's Deli
Dan's Schwinn
rootbeer float
Short Order

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