downtown LA

Downtown LA is, like many cities, beautiful and sketchy all at once. Dan and I spent the evening there this past weekend (we BOTH had a Saturday off?? together?? YES!), and I agreed when he said that the night seems to mask the not-so-charming parts of DTLA, and highlight the goods: architecture, cool restaurants and bars, strings of lights, and perfect summer weather.

After a day full of errands, we treated ourselves to the Deluxe seafood tower at Water Grill. Designed for 3-4 people? PLEASE. We crushed that sucker and we’ll do it again. I loved the spaciousness and big leather booths lining the walls. We sat at the huge rectangular bar right in front of the raw bar, and watched two talented dudes shuck oysters and clams. We then had cocktails at our favorite bar in LA, where I sipped my new favorite drink, a mint daiquiri. Then we finished the night with a snack at Baco Mercat.

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