I officially launched my photography business in October! It’s been both exciting and a bit overwhelming at times, and I’m still working on finding the balance between my multiple duties and careers. One of my goals is to launch a shop on Etsy or Big Cartel with some of my fine art prints, and I’ve been going through my files to see what I may want in my shop. I took these mailbox photos up in Laurel Canyon. I was on my way to another shoot, and pulled over when I saw this awesome row of mailboxes. I guess the houses tucked up in the hills have their mailboxes below where it’s easier to drive. You almost forget you’re still in LA up there in that gorgeous neighborhood!

p.s. How awesome is the new Blogshop website? You can see my post about my weekend here.

And congrats to Actor Salon on their awesome new website! I shot the opening background photo.

And finally, if you’re in LA, I’m in a play that opens November 9th at The Open Fist Theatre. Hope you cam make it! (I shot the photo of the swinging girl pre-graphic design!)

2 thoughts on “mailbox

  1. You are so super talented, Marie! I’m so glad that you’ve gone forward with your photography business. Can’t wait for the Etsy store!! 🙂

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