bar cart

IMG_2225For the past year, we’ve been looking for a cool and classic bar cart for the apartment. We really wanted something with a gold or brass detail–they’re surprisingly hard to find! We have a couple of wood bars from Ikea that we’ve stained and hold a lot of our glassware and alcohol, but the bar cart we were looking for was to display our nicer bottles and the gorgeous decanter and rocks glasses we had received as an engagement gift. We had an eye out every time we went to the flea market or thrift store over the past year, and most new bar carts are going to cost you a pretty penny. We were planning on buying this one for a while, but even that seemed a little pricey for what it was.  Then Cupcakes and Cashmere recently posted a link to this Wood and Brass Bar Cart from Target. I knew as soon as I saw it and read the reviews online that it was a steal for the look. I called Target, put it on hold, and picked it up at 10:30pm right before they closed. It’s so rare of me to pull the trigger like that (can’t decide what prints to frame for the life of me), but I just had this feeling it would sell out. Nothing like a little fear of missing out to get you going! IMG_2229IMG_2233IMG_2235Dan filled the cart with all his favorite cocktail books the night I brought it home. The whale migrated over from the mantel for the time being, as well as our beloved Heath vase (another thoughtful engagement gift). IMG_2230I didn’t even realize until I was processing these photos that the fourth rocks glass was in the kitchen sink and not on the bar cart. Oh well! Bar carts are pretty trendy right now, but I have a feeling we’ll always have one (or three) in our home…

2 thoughts on “bar cart

  1. literally have been in the same boat as you, except on i want to use it as our other end table next to our sofa (which has high arms and most end tables are too low). i’ve wanted this one but the price is ridiculous and a little big anyway —
    i was hoping you could tell me if it’s actually brass or just painted to look like it w/ metallic paint? also is the wood really wood and is it really shiny (saw that is said laquered). and LAST, does it have wheel locks by any chance? sorry, the target site hardly has a description :/

    great pos!!! the threshold target commercial wins me over every time!!

    • It’s honestly quite hard to tell! The wood appears to be real wood–the brass may be painted on because it has a brushed texture if you look closely. The wheels do not have locks, but it’s sturdy and hasn’t moved around from where we placed it against the wall. Hope that helps!

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