sparrow park goods & co. (part 1)

IMG_2720Earlier this summer I photographed a lifestyle session for Sparrow Park Goods, a high quality, American made cotton goods company launching later this year. The company was started by Jennifer Andersen and her fiancé, and Jenn flew out to Los Angeles to oversee the shoot. I scouted a few locations before her arrival, and decided on the gorgeous El Matador State Beach for the views and large rock structures for our first spot. The main focus was on the blankets, which as you can see come in a variety of fun and colorful patterns. They are nylon on the bottom side, which is perfect for the sand or damp grass, and they roll up easily to carry and store. The blanket also has a corner zipper pocket, which I LOVE for storing your cell phone and things you don’t want to get sandy. Good looking AND functional! Yes, please. Our goal was warm lighting, bright colors and whites, and an overall feeling of relaxed happiness. Sounds like the perfect beach day, right? IMG_2753IMG_2815jackiebiketable-cloth-sal-readingIMG_3154IMG_3197IMG_3171IMG_3312IMG_3296IMG_3340IMG_3521IMG_3676IMG_3704IMG_3713IMG_3745IMG_3610IMG_3673jackiesalstairsIMG_3653IMG_3390Styling: Jennifer Andersen and Carlene Moore

Models: Jackie Ganz, Jessie Cohen, and Sal Neslusan

Location: El Matador State Beach

made in L.A.

My parents always listened to NPR when I was a kid (and still do), and I thought it was sooo boooring. When I started driving, NPR was always the station my parents left on in my beloved Jeep, and I’m almost positive it’s the only station my mom has ever listened to on the little radio she keeps in the kitchen when she cooks. But, of course, I grew up and realized my parents knew what was up. Now I also love to listen to NPR (KCRW for us LA folk), and earlier this summer I attended an event hosted by KCRW’s Jason Bentley from Morning Becomes Eclectic at the Hammer Museum, celebrating the Made in L.A. exhibit. Everyone was dancing in the courtyard, and I snapped this awesome duo who got it all started.This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, is another great program on NPR. Have you heard the Valentine’s Day episode: What I Did For Love?