portrait-squaresPinterest is my personal black hole. Once I enter, I can get lost for many many minutes. Dan has made up a song that he sings when he catches me on Pinterest. Luckily he’s not around to sing it when he’s at work, slash, when I do the majority of my pinning. What can I say? I like to look at things! Most recently I’ve been looking at portrait photography. I started seeing the world for the first time through a camera lens when I was abroad in London during college. Shooting street photography portraits was my favorite at the time. Hanging in our apartment living room is a black and white photo I took at Borough Market. The photo is of the farmer who sells eggs. He’s wearing a hat that makes his head round like an egg and he’s placing his eggs into a carton. If you look closely, you can spot a broken shell. I love little details and secrets in a photo like that. I only have a print copy. In the photos above, I love the way light is such an important part of the portrait. How it falls or illuminates a face is part of the story and can make a simple photo so much more interesting. Which is your favorite?

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(images found via Pinterest)

happy super bowl weekend!

mindyI know things have been a little quiet on the blog, and it’s not from lack of things to share! It’s been happy-busy over here filled with photo shoots, writing, event brainstorming, and a quick trip to Vegas. I have so many photos I want to share (including an Indian Wedding ceremony and homemade meatballs!). Dan and I are in the midst of planning our next installment of The Whaling Club, and I can’t wait to host some very special out of town guests. But today, I’ll leave you with this animation of Mindy. We shot some portraits the other day, and even though hip and cool is more her style, doesn’t she play the part of a little dumpling so well?? supes cute.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! I’m not very in to the Super Bowl, but Beyonce is performing at the half time show so this year I’m SUPER in to the Super Bowl. Also, Dan and I loosely consider Super Bowl weekend our anniversary, since it’s the first time we smooched freshman year of college.

(p.s. Did you see this? Heaven.)