Last week, we went out and saw First Position, a documentary that follows six young dancers as they prepare for a worldwide ballet competition that offers prestigious dance scholarships and company job offers. First let me say, that I love going to the movies–a love that has deepened since moving to LA. Going to the movies, even though everyone does it, feels special. It’s SO much better than watching movies at home! No distractions (iphone, laptop…). And I especially love last minute trips to the movies! When and where’s it playing? Can we make it? If we leave now? Let’s go! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s just an extra treat on top of a treat! And I love treats.

Now, First Position was lovely. Watching these kids’ dedication to their skill is inspiring. While I was watching, I seriously thought about how I could work harder at things in my own life! One of the kids in the movie, Jules, absolutely stole my heart. He was a young boy who started dancing because his older sister did. It was pretty obvious he didn’t really like it. He was so cheeky and adorable–truly the comic relief among the other dancers! I also admired his disciplined sister, Miko. Have you seen it? Which dancer’s story did you find most enthralling?

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