Herb Ritts

If you’re in LA or visiting LA any time between now and and August 26th, the Herb Ritts: L.A. Style exhibition at The Getty Museum is a must. And get the audio tour! It’s only $5 and totally worth it! I don’t know about you, but audio tours ususally help me engage. I love knowing details about a piece I wouldn’t normally have spotted or understood.

Herb Ritts emerged in the 1980s as one of the top fashion and celebrity photographers. Sometimes I forget that photography isn’t always about capturing a perfect image, it’s about capturing something interesting, something the photographer, subject, and environment create. You could tell Herb Ritts had an strong point of view; he was taking a picture with purpose and trying to achieve an idea he had imagined or conceptualized. His work is incredibly intimate, at times sensual, and ultimately stunning.

The audio tour was especially interesting because the narrators often spoke about what went in to the creation of that photo during the shoot. Cindy Crawford and Richard Geer both narrate about their relationship as muses and friends of Mr. Ritts. I was touched by their respect and admiration for him. Oh, I just love going to The Getty! I certainly don’t go often enough. And I was happy to have a friend in town and true excuse to go. The gardens and architecture are enough of a reason for a visit. What’s your favorite LA museum? LACMA is another favorite and just down the street from me!

(all photos by Herb Ritts)

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