London + Copenhagen

IMG_6019Breaking the looong radio silence over here today to share some photos from our February family trip to London and Copenhagen! My photography was a little sporadic — a mix of iPhone and SLR, so I’m just sharing the SLR here. Click on over to my Instagram to see more! A few things made this trip come together. 1. My parents ultimately went to Sweden to pick up their new Volvo! Yes, you can go to Sweden and buy a Volvo and they will ship it back for you and it’s pretty cool. 2. Our family friend, Laura, was getting married in London and invited us all. 3. We love London. So why Copenhagen? Because none of us have been! In London we stayed in Marylebone and rented a house through OneFineStay. I loved our little “Mew” and that all of us could stay together in such a nice, big space. The house also came with a garage, which was necessary because my Dad’s greatest joy is driving on the other side of the road (!!). One of our favorite meals in London was lunch at Lyle’s. This is where we truly had then best mussels EVER. I know you don’t believe me from this photo. How could you? But they were grilled and the balance of smoke with the broth was so delicious. Not to mention the perfect, tender texture. Dan looked at me and said, “So this is how mussels are supposed to taste.” We’re ruined! IMG_6023IMG_6026IMG_6027IMG_6033IMG_6036IMG_6038After Lyle’s we walked around Shoreditch, the neighborhood we stayed in on our honeymoon. We snuck into some shops to warm up until the cocktail bar Happiness Forgets opened.IMG_6042IMG_6047IMG_6049 The morning after the wedding, we drove up to Muswell Hill for brunch, and then around Highgate to visit our hold stomping grounds; the homes we lived in and my nursery school! IMG_6051IMG_6054IMG_6058IMG_6061IMG_6064IMG_6066IMG_6073IMG_6079IMG_6082These next two photos still make me laugh! As we were walking back to our car, this van driver asked Dan, Willy, and my Dad to help him push his car because the engine was dead. At one point it started rolling forward, which I think freaked them all out and they momentarily forgot the brakes still worked. So they all grabbed the car in a moment of panic as if they could stop it from rolling away! IMG_6080IMG_6081The day we left I stopped by Fitzroy Square to visit the flat I lived in during my semester abroad. I felt so nostalgic walking around there! That semester was some of the best months of my life. How lucky was I to live in such a beautiful and posh square as a college student!?IMG_6091IMG_6093IMG_6096IMG_6098IMG_6099Copenhagen was such a beautiful city. It has the perfect dichotomy of history while being very cool, and relevant. There are castles, classic historic architecture, modern nordic cuisine restaurants, wood fire pizza, great coffee, and artisan food markets — all within walking distance of each other. Everyone rides bikes (even if it’s freezing), and they always have the right of way. We stayed in this spacious flat which was in a great location for walking to various sites and restaurants. We definitely had some of the most memorable meals of my life while in Copenhagen, especially at Relae and Pony. Baest was recommended as the “Copenhagen version of Roberta’s in Brooklyn.” Which was totally accurate and that is a very good thing! We also really enjoyed the vibe and cocktails at Ruby. Below are a few photos walking around Nyhavn, Rosenborg Castle, and the National Gallery of Denmark.IMG_6116IMG_6117IMG_6118IMG_6125IMG_6127IMG_6133IMG_6136 Europe, you are the best. Such a wonderful trip!

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