IMG_3242Three of my best gfs are getting married over the next three months, and June was the month of bachelorette celebrations! We kicked if off in Vegas for Sally and Amy‘s joint party at the Cosmopolitan, and finished it off at the Trump Soho for Kristi in NYC. What can I say? We fancy. I grew up with these girls, and it was such a treat to have our big group of friends from across the country all together TWICE in one month. I didn’t bring my camera to Vegas, but I did snap this amazing view of the strip from our balcony on my iphone. Then I fly to NYC a week later, and this is the view from our room at the Trump Soho! I couldn’t get over it. I was obsessed with spotting all the secret rooftop gardens. IMG_3240IMG_3239Staying in Soho felt like such a luxury–obviously a favorite neighborhood, and so wonderful to be able to walk everywhere from our hotel. IMG_3244IMG_3249^The bachelorette, Kristi, her sister-in-law, and sister. IMG_3248IMG_3254^Fun to see citi bikes all over! IMG_3260IMG_3257IMG_3258IMG_3261IMG_3265IMG_3262IMG_3263^Brunch on the roof of Hotel Chantelle was so festive. They had 92 cent cocktails and half way through our meal an amazing jazz band started up! I loved the vibe (and the food) there. IMG_3267^They had bocce ball by the pool. Why are things on rooftops more fun than on the ground? IMG_3269Congrats to all my brides-to-be! I love you girls.

palm springs

IMG_5109 A couple weeks ago, Dan and I took advantage of two days off together, and drove out to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for what I thought would be an early birthday getaway. We drove up on a Friday morning through a rain storm, and arrived to a cooler than normal, but very clear and peaceful day at the Ace. We had lunch and cocktails at the Amigo Room, and enjoyed a dreamy and much needed massage. I snapped pictures all along the way because the Ace has style and the post rain sky left gorgeous light.IMG_5110IMG_5117 chair-patioIMG_5123IMG_5194IMG_5132IMG_5138IMG_5143IMG_5145IMG_5146IMG_5148Our room had a private patio and fire pit, and when we got back to the room there was a bottle of champagne with a note that said “We Hope You Enjoyed Your Massage!” I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat out by the fire in the rocking chair with my champagne. I remember looking up at the sky, feeling so relaxed and happy. Dan joined me and we started talking about how much we love taking trips and vacations together. We were long distance for a couple years, and little getaways were so precious. He told me moving to LA was the best decision he’d ever made, and before I knew it he proposed. In a total state of shock and happiness, I said yes. After I recovered and we called our parents, we had dinner at King’s Highway. When Dan told our busser we had just gotten engaged, he said “Whoa, dude, that’s awesome. Congratulations!” And then, “I’m thinking of asking my girl.” Very sweet.IMG_5150IMG_5156ace-lobbydan-lobbyIMG_5168IMG_5177IMG_5192IMG_5181 In the morning, I called my Grandmom. Once she knew, I sent this announcement to friends. Dan and I spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool, beaming from all the messages and calls from friends, until our phones died and it was just us. It’s kind of wild that I have the day documented with photos. You’d think I had an inkling what was coming, but I was in total birthday mode and it didn’t even cross my mind until he was down on one knee. I can’t believe I was surprised, and I’m so happy I was. The ultimate treat!dan-marie

endless summer

The last couple months in LA have been very hot (even by LA standards). Thankfully we inherited an AC unit in our bedroom when we moved in to the new apartment. Just as the evenings seemed to be cooling down and perhaps “Fall” was creeping in, forecasts say we’re going to be back in the 90s for the next couple days! I know I shouldn’t complain. Growing up in Chicago and living in New York gives me mucho appreciation for the year round Los Angeles warmth…but can a girl get a little relief?

How do you deal with the heat? We’re thinking of taking a little day getaway to the beach or a pool tomorrow!