the whaling club VII

thank youThank you to all who joined us in May for The Whaling Club! Dan’s tequila cocktails were, once again, a total hit. The Cherry Caipirita was refreshing and beautiful. I loved photographing it on our porch as much as I loved drinking it. A classic La Paloma followed, and Dan revealed that rather than salt the rim, he took the advice of a well known bartender and threw a pinch of salt right in the drink. The final drink was the Rio Bravo which, as one of our guests wrote to us, was “a real eye-opener in terms of the range of such a spirit in more ‘classic’ cocktails that are typically associated with different liquors.” Special thanks to Free Range for helping us celebrate the beginning of summer at The Whaling Club!maymenuFollow us on instagram @thewhalingclub, and check out some recent features on InsideHook, Details Style Network, and Rundown LA!

Logo and artwork by Sarah Mullin for The Whaling Club.

endless summer

The last couple months in LA have been very hot (even by LA standards). Thankfully we inherited an AC unit in our bedroom when we moved in to the new apartment. Just as the evenings seemed to be cooling down and perhaps “Fall” was creeping in, forecasts say we’re going to be back in the 90s for the next couple days! I know I shouldn’t complain. Growing up in Chicago and living in New York gives me mucho appreciation for the year round Los Angeles warmth…but can a girl get a little relief?

How do you deal with the heat? We’re thinking of taking a little day getaway to the beach or a pool tomorrow!

OBX part II

My family has been going on summer vacations to the Outerbanks off and on since I was a kid. A little (largely) known fact about me: I love to lay out and get a tan. I know! It’s so bad! But it feels so good (and some say is the perfect summer accessory). I got a good amount of body boarding and wave splashing in the Atlantic in this trip as well. We had lay-out worthy weather pretty much the whole week. The OBX beaches are so remote and unpopulated. I love the feeling of walking barefoot from our rental house (aptly named Gem of the Ocean) along the wooden walkway that leads you over the dunes to the beach. I truly think there is something therapeutic about an ocean. And you know the best part about a vacation? Waking up and knowing that the day is yours to do nothing. I’m a seriously guilty person. I have no clue why, but unless I’ve dedicated or deemed a day a “vacation day”, I feel guilty doing anything that isn’t serving a greater purpose/goal. So this week I let the feeling of no obligations wash over me.¬†And let me tell you…it felt really good. I love these pictures because they really capture the feeling of what it’s like there–which is sometimes hard to do in land and seascapes. I also played around a little bit with my Diana F+ film camera. Don’t really know what I’m doing there yet, but I’m interested in seeing the results and will post when I get them developed.

manhattan beach

Manhattan Beach feels like that classic summer vacation town; a corner ice cream parlor, lots of clothing boutiques, rows of houses and apartments–each one taller than the one before it in an attempt for more ocean view. And yet, it still feels more local than touristy. The people grabbing drinks with friends on a Friday afternoon or drinking coffee on the sidewalk seem to be enjoying their little downtown neighborhood. Dan and I had hoped for a beach day, but it was surprisingly cool and breezy. So instead we walked down the pier and checked out the small collection of ocean wildlife and brave surfers in the rough waves (brrr!). Then we wandered among the houses lining the beach, and picked out the ones we liked while making up stories about their tenants based solely on appearance and imagination (we’re really good at that game).

We finished with an early dinner at MB Post. Dan and I were obsessed with the romanesco tossed in lemon, capers, parmesan, and chili flakes. So obsessed that we tried to replicate it at home with cauliflower the next night playing off of this recipe.

Do any of you live by the ocean? I grew up near Lake Michigan, which as a kid felt like an ocean, but is very different. Even now, living in LA, going to the beach is still a bit of a destination event–reserved for full days off. I’m going to make it a priority to get myself to the beach quite often this summer. I’ll let ya know how it goes! Speaking of beaches, I’m currently headed to the Outerbanks for the week! Lucky me! More on that later. It officially feels like summer!