the whaling club XII

IMG_3789menudanThe November Whaling Club really felt like the official beginning of the holiday season! Dan’s drinks were seasonal and put everyone in the cozy, festive spirit. Starting the night off was the Maple Leaf, a rye cocktail topped with grated cinnamon and garnished with a fragrant cinnamon stick. Next up was the Cider Cup, a bourbon, apple, lemon, ginger cocktail served over a hand cut cube — definitely a highlight of the night; spicy and seasonal. And finally, the Thistle, sometimes referred to as The Thistle Cocktail, with equal parts Scotch and sweet vermouth for both Scotch lovers and Scotch newbies to enjoy. We loved hosting our new guests as well as welcoming back friends. Enjoying cocktails feels like such a holiday activity…so I guess we celebrate the holidays year ’round over here at The Whaling Club! IMG_3796thistleIMG_3806IMG_3845IMG_3809IMG_3849Thank you to all who joined us this month. If you’d like to attend a future event, email to join our invite list.

Menu & Logo Illustration by the lovely Sarah Mullin.

pumpkin carving

IMG_1328Our friends hosted the most adorable pumpkin carving party last week on their awesome patio. They made delicious turkey burgers and mulled wine, and everyone brought snacks, pumpkins, and carving tools–it was so fun and festive! And you guys, my fiance is a master pumpkin carver. Yes, he follows a pattern we purchased at Target, but he perfectly executes the five pumpkin level pattern because he’s soooo patient! That Scott family of his taught him well. My ghost pattern was a two pumpkin level in difficulty, and I almost gave up half way through scooping out the goop, but once that part was over I was on my way. We preserved them in our fridge to simulate east coast weather so they would last until the weekend for The Whaling Club. Smart, right? Thanks, Google. decorations-danIMG_1326michael-carvingIMG_1332IMG_1338IMG_1333Also, I just did a little digging and found these impressive pumpkin carvings Dan and I did sophomore year of college. I think that may be the last pumpkin I carved until now!  188816_511270273166_1716_n

university club

IMG_4434Attending a Christmas dinner at The University Club of Chicago has become a favored family tradition. The building is a classic; collegiate and festive. The main dining hall always has an impressively huge, decked out tree–almost as impressive as the number of oysters I consume in one evening. Seriously, the guy serving said “back again?” on what was only my second out of three trips to the raw bar. What am I? An amateur?!oystersIMG_0123double-photoHope you’re all having a lovely day, celebrating Christmas or enjoying a “day off”. I’m still in my pajamas and plan on wearing them to the dinner table if I can get away with it. (And yes, The University Club is totally Hogwarts! Or so I’m told.)